Over 50yrs in the acquisitions, exploration, and resources industry

About Us

With over 50yrs combined experience in acquisitions, exploration, and the resource industry Temple Resources believe that now is an exciting time to invest and now is the time to start looking for opportunities, especially as it appears that the industry and investors have renewed confidence after the recent upturn .

Whether you are a small investor, a stakeholder with a project that you are looking to expand or a company looking for joint venture opportunities Temple Resources can provide the following services to you with complete confidentiality.

  • Sampling and Mineralogy: Temple Resources can organise the collection of rock samples from brownfield or greenfield sites, once collected these samples can be tested for trace elements.
  • Pegging land: Temple Resources can source virgin land in known resource belts.
  • Purchase and Management of Licenses: Temple Resources can work with you on the application for exploration licenses, yearly reporting and Aboriginal Heritage liaison.
  • Infrastructure and Logistics: once a resource is identified Temple Resources will manage the delivery of mining equipment, machinery and infrastructure
  • Raising Capital: with our network of broker associates Temple Resources can assist in the raising of capital.
  • Marketing Services: with consultants in Australia, Europe and Asia we can ensure our projects have a very high level of exposure to possible investors.
  • Corporate Advisory Services: Leading key negotiations on your behalf, Business plans and analysis.
  • Exploration Project Management: our experience in the industry will enable us to ensure exploration is carried out by experts and that all data collected is managed in an efficient and cost effective way.
  • Joint Ventures: Temple Resources have numerous entities looking to Joint Venture on resource projects.
  • New Business Development: with our depth of experience and can do attitude Temple Resources excels at partnering with new business ventures within the resource industry,
  • Mining and Shipping: construction of mining infrastructure and refinement of raw ore can be a major financial investment; Temple Resources can manage this so you know you are sure you are getting a full return from your project.
  • Exploration Advisory Services: Through our consultant Geologist, and using Drilling, Radio and the latest Gravity exploration methods Temple Resources can assist you to be in the right place to hit the resource you are looking for.
  • Investment Groups and Superfunds: if you are a resource company looking to sell one of your projects or maybe you are a group of friends looking to invest together or a Superfund looking for opportunities, Temple Resources can offer an you research services and expert opinions in all aspects of the resource industry.

Please contact andrew.carter@templeresources.com.au or call 0425121761

Temple Resources fully respects our clients need for confidentiality.